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Perplexity and Centurion. Chairs created out of metal shopping carts.

Chair made out of shopping cart pieces and orange spray paint

This chair is very special to me. It is the second one I had created in this series and I had to name it as an adjective that described my current emotion and one to drive me forward whenever I encountered doubt in my own artmaking abilities. No matter what, just having one ounce of belief is enough to survive through any situation. There were times where I was scared that I did not have the strength to pull through but when I made this chair, this hushed all the negativity in my heart and mind. I am so critical of myself and artmaking displays a vulnerability of who I am. But when I look at this chair, I believe again in the magic of art. It was painted orange because it was one of the large shopping carts from Home Depot and I had to pay homage to its place of origin.

--“Series: Kal Ho Na Ho (Urdu for “Tomorrow May Not Be”)"
Seating arrangement of chairs, a welded stool, and a lampshade

This collection of three chairs created out of shopping cart pieces as well as a flower-like stool made from various sizes of metal washers, crowds around a lampshade like they are all together at a camp site. I was interested to play with my lamp forms either installed up high above our heads, sitting next to us, and even bringing us together to tell exciting stories. With a simple light bulb fixture at the center of this arrangement, I am excited and surprised by the amount of warmth exuded through this pairing.

--"Massage Wheels”
Shopping cart pieces, wooden bowl, anti-static dusting mop head, and green spray paint

This sculptural arrangement was originally intended to be a fully functional chair with a place to sit and massage your back against the two rows of stationary shopping cart wheels, which can roll up and down. When I design my chairs, I often seek a perpendicular or 90 degree angle to ease my back pain. I feel more comfortable with a rigid form supporting my body. I added the dusting mop head and bowl with drilled circles to enhance the work’s quirkiness as an empty shell with a living organism underneath.

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