Lamp Shades & Lighting

--“Lamp Shade Vitamin Pill”
Two polyurethane garden planters stacked on top of each other

When I became obsessed with creating lamps, I thought of depressing times when I felt like everything was going wrong and I was in a deep, dark place. Although my lamps are colorful, fun, and playful with their shadows, they are souvenirs of perseverance through tough times. The drilled out holes represent each moment whenever someone had given me negative criticism in an effort to stump my dreams. By stacking these two lampshades together, the form takes on a pill-like shape and it reminds me of a two-toned vitamin tablet. For me, creating these lamps was therapeutic through these times. Now I smile when I look at my lamps as I see the light beams pouring through and filling an entire room.

--“Chaand ki Tokree (Urdu for "Piece of the Moon”)"
5-gallon bucket from hardware store and a yellow, crescent-shaped lampshade

This is a simple yet interesting composition where I riveted a children’s nightlight lampshade to a paint bucket. Over the years, I have found out that I enjoy dome-shaped objects. When I created my first lamp, this was a dome. It was originally a garden planter and I turned it over and drilled out holes. As a Muslim, I visit mosques for special prayers and the dome becomes a common architectural piece. With this piece, I turned over the bucket and thought of it as a similar shape if only it was adorned with a crescent because we believe in the lunar calendar.
--“Honeycomb & Hive Mind”
Two polyurethane garden planters

These two shapes are originally intended to be objects or vessels that you fill with dirt and grow plants in. I was excited to repurpose them into lamps and drill out circles. In particular, these two lampshades resemble a beehive or wasp’s nest with the linear grooves along the material form.

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