Sonaay ko Jughayo

Sonaay ko Jughayo (Urdu for “Wake Up the Sleepers”)

Series of repurposed sleeping bags titled: "Julnaa, Damaka, and Sitaroon ki Taraf Saffar” (Urdu for “Burning, Explosion, and Journey to the Stars”)

Repurposed and hand-sewn sleeping bags made from a polyester shell and are stuffed with cotton filling. Two of these objects are functional as real sleeping bags whereas the red dynamite stick resembles a soft pillow cushion.

For a series to speak about moments of desperation and solitude, I wanted to use a material familiar to most societies—the soft and silky fabric used for sleeping bags. I am interested in methods of survival both emotionally and physically in regards to dealing with catastrophic events and creating a sense of safety for the future. What if we find ourselves sleeping among the enemy or those things that destroy us? Some children sleep in war-torn environments each day and soon it becomes the new normal for them. I have repurposed and hand-sewn sleeping bags to resemble the shapes of a firecracker, hand grenade, and rocket ship.

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