Na Bijli, Na Atta, Na Paani…

Part of the series: Na bijli, na atta, na paani… (Urdu for “Without electricity, food, or water…”)

Chaaval ki Bori (Urdu for “Rice Bags”)
Assorted rice bag pillows made of burlap and filled with cotton

Red and black lamp shade made from a polyurethane garden planter

A common household food item for a South Asian family is a rice bag. We tend to eat rice with each meal or substitute it with flatbread naans. Rice bags come in many colors but often maintain a similar style—a brown burlap sack adorned with colorful lettering to advertise the special taste of aged rice. As far as I know, rice is a critical provision for sustenance. Villages can survive with just a few ounces a day. I have incorporated rice bag threads and burlap in previous artist-made books as well as included them in my bicycle rickshaw to display how a simple grain can become a commodity and source of survival.

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