Steel Town Charpai (Urdu for "Woven Bed")

Steel Town Charpai (Urdu for “Woven Bed”)
Steel rods welded together and stainless steel wire rope to create a functional bed

A "charpai” is typically created with a solid, wood frame and outfitted with woven rags or rope to support the human body. Sometimes charpais can serve as seats during the day and used as beds at night. Their lightweight frame makes it easier for mobility and storage. I remember when I was five years old during a visit to Pakistan where we slept on our own wooden charpais on the rooftop of our family’s home. This is the best way to view the stars above in the open night sky. By using steel, I pay homage to one of Pakistan’s main exports—stainless steel often used in beauty supplies like scissors and tweezers. There are also industrial areas in Pakistan known as “steel towns” where mineworkers and factory laborers often live and create home goods.