Tetanus Booster

--“Tetanus Booster”
Rusted steel table and piece of soapstone

Many of furniture pieces are considered finished when dipped in fresh coats of paint. I wondered about the idea of taking clean slabs of metal and creating a simple four-legged square table. I was intrigued to find long pieces of metal that were twisted upon itself, almost like someone had been wringing water out of a cloth. I created this table during a somber time I felt abandoned and misunderstood. I left this metal table outside in the elements without any protective coating and it rained nearly for a month to create this rough, gritty texture on the surface. Upon the layers of rust, I wrote the words that came to mind, “I just want to be loved.” A piece of soapstone remains to edit or add more comments to the piece like a chalkboard forum for free expression.

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