She's Got Way Too Many Feelings

She’s Got Way Too Many Feelings
Wearable dress made from black gloves, cotton filling, satin fabric, and black polyester thread

To continue with the idea of wearable objects or items that are personified to display emotions like a human being, I wanted to expand the idea of my cushion made out of gloves. While sewing these by hand, I used to dance around my studio wearing the strand of gloves like a scarf or around my hip like a skirt. By sewing the gloves together in spiral patterns, I was able to create a multi-layered skirt that still has some movement and flow to it. I also attached a series of gloves to form a collar and the neckpiece can close up together with the fingers intertwining—similar to how a Venus flytrap plant opens and closes. I realize women are constantly objectified no matter what they are wearing. In the same moment, this dress also makes a comment about how women in the workplace are often judged as emotional versus being ambitious like their male counterparts.

Spider Stool and Gloves Cushion
Seat made out of old chair parts and black paint; Black and dark brown workman’s gloves, cotton filling, and black polyester thread. Featuring a black polyurethane lamp shade in front of works.

When I discovered some old chairs made out of a wrought iron-like material, I became interested in the curvy leg forms. Although I have a phobia with spiders of any size, I found humor with creating a stool with lots of legs like a spider. I understand a spider has eight legs so when you sit down on this stool, your two legs will complete the full set. This seat becomes more exciting when paired with a cushion made entirely from cotton gloves hand-sewn together. After filling the gloves with cotton filling, I decide which direction the hands will be sewn together. The idea for the cushion came to me when thinking of how comfortable a seat or chair is for a person and whether an object can also be personified and have a sense of “feelings” of their own or finger-like digits.