Khush Aam Deed (Urdu for "Welcome")

Khush Aam Deed (Urdu for “Welcome”)
Hanging strand of hot chili peppers and green limes

In traditional Indian and Pakistani stores and bazaars, it is commonplace to see a peculiar yet bright arrangement waiting at the door hanging from the ceiling—a strand of limes and chili peppers. I am fascinated about this sequence of spicy and tangy perishable goods because to me, it serves as a good omen and blessing towards those who enter underneath it. During my first graduate critique class here at George Mason University, I placed a similar strand of limes and peppers above my studio door. In this final chapter, I would like to extend this blessing to all those who visit these artworks today. Thank you for this opportunity to express my hopes and dreams and of course, welcome home.

Shaadi ki Doli (Urdu for “Wedding Palanquin”)
Metallic pen and ink drawing of a traditional wood carriage

As part of Punjabi wedding traditions, a bride is often carried in and out of a wedding hall to greet her guests and family. A doli, which is also known as a “palanquin” or “palkhi” in mostly Indian and French royal wedding rituals, is typically created out of carved wood, has ornate patterns and four corners that are suspended by bamboo rods so that the bride can be carried on the shoulders of others. The bride sits inside with embroidered pillow cushions and curtain can also provide some privacy to the public’s view.