The Wedding Palanquin (images of process)

Shaadi Ki Doli (Urdu for “Wedding Palanquin”)
Sculpture created of a traditional wooden carriage used for weddings based on a metallic pen and ink drawing

As part of Punjabi wedding traditions, a bride is often carried in and out of a wedding hall to greet her guests and family. A doli, which is also known as a “palanquin” or “palkhi” in mostly Indian and French royal wedding rituals, is typically created out of carved wood, has ornate patterns and four corners that are suspended by bamboo rods so that the bride can be carried on the shoulders of others. The bride sits inside with embroidered pillow cushions and curtain can also provide some privacy to the public’s view. This drawing has now transformed into a fully functional, life-size palanquin adorned with vibrant colors based on Indian and Pakistani sari designs. This doli also features sheer metallic fabric to serve as curtains to truly evoke the persona of a Bollywood wedding scene.